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February 20, 2013:
Somehow, snowplow parents are burying helicopter parents, despite the mixed metaphor and advantage of air over land based vehicular mobility.


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How do snow plow parents differ from helicopter parents.

Excessive involvement in kids lives is part and parcel of parenting styles.

Helicopter parents are defined as being excessively involved in their children's lives, to the extent that they do the homework for their children and "hover" over them when they should be displaying a certain level of detachment. They differ from snowplow parents in that a snow plow mom will push all obstacles out of a child's way, whereas a helicopter parent may be overinvolved in working with the child to overcome the obstacle. Helicopter parents have famously attended job and college interviews with their children, and stuck with them during school projects that should be performed exclusively by the student. In both cases, the level of attempting to be the sole factor in their child's success puts the student at a long-term disadvantage because they will not acquire the skills need to move ahead in life. Every day, in business and other pursuits, people need to solve problems and make tough decisions. Children of helicopter and snow plow dads or moms aren't going to understand the value of learning from failures, trying repeatedly, and gaining knowledge from situations that went wrong. In the same way that people get a greater sense of self esteem from cooking a good meal than buying one, kids need to get that level of life experience from doing their own work, and getting coaching as well as encouragement to try new approaches to problems.

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Special note: Helicopter parents need to consider that if they don't put their kids in the driver's seat, then their children won't move up the corporate ladder since they have no skills to make their mark.